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Blick & Blick Oil, Inc. offers a 24 hour fuel island.  These pumps are accessable 24-hours a day, 365 days per year.  Our company has a generator system to keep us going 24/7 even when the power is out.  Giving you the ability to have gas whenever you need it.


we offer the following products:

Premium Road BioDiesel  

#2 Road BioDiesel  

Premium Lead Free Gas  

Super Lead Free Gas (10% ethanol)  

E85 Fuel (85% ethanol)


needed documents

Card Application - Please print off and fill-in before stopping by.

Customer Application - Please print off and fill-in before stopping by.

Retail Charge Agreement - Print off or contact us for more information.



We are open 24/7 rain or shine.  Come fuel up with us!  Apply for a 24-hour Cardtrol application.