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The most obvious job is to reduce friction and wear that can occur between two moving parts, like a piston and a cylinder wall or crankshaft and a bearing. If you put a thin film of oil between these parts, friction and wear are greatly reduced. That’s fairly simple to understand, but there are major differences in how well various oils maintain this thin film, especially under heavy loads and high pressures.  Blick & Blick Oil is here to help our customers with providing you with top quality products for you and your farm.


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Working with the past, striving for the future.  Blick & Blick Oil, Inc., with help from a sister company are continuing to develop the most competitive products on the market.  From machine coolants, tapping fluids, cutting oils, gun drilling oils, and others.  We can offer you the right product to fit your application, at a price you can afford, with a support team that provides guidance throughout all of your needs.  Give Chris a call.  Together we can make machining fluids the least of your worries.


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Oil doesn’t last forever. It must be changed or maintained when it loses the properties that protect the machine, the application and the environment. Oxidative, thermal and hydrolytic degradation permanently change the base oil’s chemical and physical properties, thus altering the lubricant’s performance. In other cases, the additive package becomes depleted or the oil becomes contaminated with material that can’t be removed.